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History of TV Brittany

We have been installing satellite systems for customers in the UK since 1987 and have encountered and resolved most problems that could be envisaged, giving us an extensive knowledge of digital satellite systems, installations and problem solving capabilities.

Due to customer demand in Brittany, we started trading in France in April 2004 to include the installation of English television and radio and are now able to offer products by mail order with payment by Visa or Mastercard. Installations are possible throughout many parts of France via our network of satellite installers.

Since operating in France we have been involved in the installation of over well over 5600 digital satellite systems for both UK and French residents and have gained an excellent reputation for service, quality of installation and after-sales care. These are the three main points that we base our Company on. We truly believe that you, our Customers, are the most important part of our business and we undertake to do the utmost to ensure that you get the best service and guarantee, thereby guaranteeing the future of our company.

With the back-up support of distributers who supply all over Europe, we are now able to offer a comprehensive service including brand new digiboxes, Recordable and High Definition digiboxes, remote controls, mesh satellite dishes, and multiple LNBs . Remember though, that subscriptions are not necessary to receive over 150 English channels including radio.

In 2015 we branched into High Speed Internet via satellite all over France and now have a parallel company especially for the broadband installations called Rural Satellite Internet

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