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Streaming TV

Streaming TV now available...

What is 'Streaming TV'?  It is more often called IPTV which stands for 'Internet Protocol Television'.  It is a method of streaming hundreds of TV channels, films etc through your internet connection ( Orange, SFR etc)

To achieve this, you will require a broadband speed of at least 7Mbps, a 'device' to decode the signal and a spare HDMI port on your TV. If your TV was manufactured after 2010 then almost certainly it will be suitable. Some of our services are for use on your tablet, laptop or smartphone.  You can check your Internet download speed by clicking here.

As streaming TV uses your internet data, you should ensure that your broadband package has an unlimited data allowance.  

This system is particularly excellent for people who live in apartments or residential areas where a satellite dish is not an option.

Please note that streaming TV is a subscription service.  For more information click here to contact us



IPTV set top box

We supply this pre-programmed wifi box that allows streaming of a huge range of TV channels and Movies.

The package offered by our UK partner will give you an extensive range of UK channels including Sports & Movies, plus international channels including French, German, Italian, Indian, American and many more...  

As well as TV channels, there is a vast selection (more than 30000) of movies and box sets, updated daily, many in 4K resolution.  The package also includes an extensive music library and many UK radio stations. 



IPTV set top box

Our VPN router opens up the world of streaming and catch-up TV service.  This Plug 'n Play VPN router simply connects to your existing broadband router to give you a UK IP address to any connected device in your home. Indispensable for use with your Smart TV, Sky box, compatible Freesat recorder or Roku device.

For further information or to check the compatibility of your current equipment click here to contact us