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Accessories available from TV Brittany - if you cannot find what you need please mail us...

Accessories available from TV Brittany - if you cannot find what you need please mail us.

Remote controls
Sky remote controls

When your Digibox remote control gets eaten by the dog, wears out and you cannot see the buttons clearly or buttons don’t work, we can supply a brand new one and they are not expensive!! We supply the "Plus" remote and the "Standard" remote in the NEW silver colour. These remote controls can usually be programmed to operate the main functions of your television too!

Satellite Alignment
Satellite meter

Find the optimum alignment for your satellite dish

Get the best sound and picture from your satellite TV

WE INCLUDE the link cable for this unit!

TV-Link Remote Changer
Magic eye

The remote changer works on a second TV connected to your older version Sky Digibox and allows you to use all of the  functions from another room.
Simple to install

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Accessories for Freesat receivers will be shown as they become available